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Banking News

The Kirtland FCU footprint keeps growing in Albuquerque! After all, our members are from all over the metro—and we’re dedicated to being where they live, work and play. Following the successful opening of our Coors Pavilion branch last year, this latest addition to the Kirtland FCU family will bring Kirtland FCU’s unique local flavor in finances to the northeast quadrant of Albuquerque near San Pedro and Paseo in the Holly Plaza!

The Holly Plaza branch will pack a mighty punch into a compact, conveniently located space. Members can take care of all their needs in one visit with one Member Experience Specialist. Open an account, apply for a home equity loan or line- of-credit, withdraw cash, meet with a mortgage loan officer, meet with an investment advisor, and more.

Where is this new branch exactly?

The Holly Plaza branch is located in the Holly Plaza shopping center at 6550 Holly Avenue NE, Suite D-6.

Coming from northbound I-25, exit at Paseo eastbound, turn left at San Pedro and right at Holly. Then look for the Kirtland FCU logo on the direction sign to turn right into the correct shopping center.

When will the branch open?

Construction started in March to bring the Kirtland FCU brand and technology to the new branch. We anticipate opening sometime in early May but check in with our social media accounts for the latest on our Grand Opening events!

What else do I need to know?

The new Holly Plaza location will be coinless! This really saves space in small branches. If you’re cashing a check, you will not be able to receive coin. Instead, you can round your cash back down to the nearest dollar and deposit the remaining coin into your accounts. Alternatively, you can round up to the nearest dollar by withdrawing the cents needed from one of your accounts.

Because Holly Plaza is located in a shopping center, there are no drive-thru services.

So, next time you’re traversing the busy Paseo corridor just east of I-25, keep an eye out for that familiar blue Kirtland FCU logo as our renovations begin. We can’t wait to see you at Holly Plaza!


The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t slowed the need for kids in our community. With the opening of our branches, KRQE Cares and Kirtland Federal Credit Union are once again gearing up to collect shoes for the Shoes For Kids campaign.

A new, well-fitting pair of shoes opens a world of exploration for students, allowing them to fully engage in all areas of their education. Unfortunately, some families are not able to provide a new pair of shoes for their growing kids—it’s Shoes For Kids’ mission to change that reality for families in need at Title I schools in Albuquerque.


March 1–31, 2021, all Kirtland FCU branches will accept donations of new shoes for the Shoes For Kids program!


What To Donate:

New athletic shoes of ANY size for ANY gender.
  • Why athletic shoes? Students need athletic shoes to be active and athletic shoes can be worn for most student related occasions.
  • Why any size? Students come in all sizes and many times the older kids are overlooked because they wear adult size shoes.
  • What else will we accept? We definitely won’t say no to new socks or new underwear if a member brings it in. The items will go to the APS Title I clothing bank. Those items are ALWAYS needed.
  • What don’t we want? Used shoes. Shoes wear out pretty quickly. AND the exciting thing for our student recipients is receiving a brand- new pair of shoes. Many of them have never owned a brand-new pair of shoes!
These shoes change lives,” says Carolyn Rush with KRQE Cares. “I put a new pair of shoes on a child who had been known to have behavior issues. He didn’t say a word to me. But when we were done...he hugged me and told me ‘Thank you for caring about me’. We just don’t know what these kids are going through and something as simple as a new pair of shoes from a stranger can give these children light and hope for the future.

For more information about the KRQE Cares campaigns, visit https://www.krqe.com/krqe-cares/.


On October 26, 2020, the Kirtland Federal Credit Union Board of Directors appointed Terry Franks to fill the vacancy left by the retirement of former board member Ray Wick.
Franks comes to the Board of Directors following 10 years of service on the Kirtland FCU Supervisory Committee, including eight years as its chairman. Franks has strong background in the energy sector and is the Deputy Division Chief for Mission Planning and Support (RDM), Directed Energy Directorate with the Air Force Research Laboratory, where he leads seven eclectic branches: technology transfer and education outreach; directory security; foreign disclosure; site intelligence; environmental and technology testing; wargaming and simulation of directed energy (DE) concepts; and strategic planning for future DE programs.
Franks has held a number of positions within the Air Force including being Chief of Staff of the Directed Energy (DE) Directorate; Special Advisor on Science & Technology to the US NATO Ambassador; Division Chief, Student Operations at Air Command and Staff College; Division Chief of High Energy Sources Division in Phillips Research Lab. He was also an Advisor for DE with the NM Institute of Mining and Technology in Socorro, NM.
His education includes a bachelor’s degree in Nuclear/Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wyoming and a master’s degree in Research and Development and Systems Management from the University of Southern California.
Franks has volunteered his time with organizations including Folds of Honor, the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta (Gondola Club and International Welcoming Committee), the NM Ethics in Business Awards Program, and was a founding officer of the Directed Energy Professional Society in Albuquerque.


This October, Kirtland Federal Credit Union Board of Directors member Ray Wick retired from his duties after 20 years of dedicated service.

Wick joined the Board of Directors in 2000 and was active in helping shape strategic direction for the credit union in the new millennium. Wick oversaw a period of rapid growth for Kirtland FCU—assets more than quadrupled during his time on the Board while membership grew by nearly 60%. Chairman of the Board of Directors, Brian McDonald, reflected on Wick’s years of service and the legacy he leaves.

“Ray contributed his extensive executive and management experience to Kirtland Federal Credit Union over these years to ensure that the credit union’s mission always remained focused on providing exceptional member service,” said McDonald. “He recognized that our employees play the pivotal role in accomplishing that mission and always championed staff resources, technology, and training. We wish him Godspeed and best wishes for the future.”

Wick holds several degrees, including a doctorate in physics from Penn State University. Before bringing his scientific talents to the Kirtland FCU Board of Directors, Wick served for 30 years in the U.S. Air Force, retiring in 1996 as the Chief Scientist of the Space Technology Directorate, AFRL. He received the U.S. Air Force Meritorious Civilian Service award as well as a Special Act and Service Award from the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

Wick also founded and served as president of Wick Research Associates and as a technical consultant to both industrial laser firms and research institutes.

Wick leaves the Board of Directors to focus on his company and to spend precious time with his family, including his wife, children, and grandchildren.


2020 is a year of new beginnings—for better or for worse—and none has been more welcome than the arrival of Kirtland FCU’s new president and CEO, Matt Rarden.

Mr. Rarden assumed his post as the leader of Kirtland FCU on September 14, and he’s been busily meeting employees, members, and learning the ins and outs of Kirtland Federal Credit Union. Kirtland FCU’s history of and commitment to supporting the men and women of Kirtland Air Force Base are particular benefits for Mr. Rarden, and one reason why he wanted to step into the role of Kirtland FCU‘s president and CEO.

“Kirtland is a very healthy credit union with a passionate board of directors and a deep history of serving our service women and men,” said Matt Rarden. “My father was in the United States Air Force, so I also had an affinity for the credit union’s history with Kirtland Air Force base.”

Mr. Rarden joins Kirtland FCU after serving as Chief Operating Officer at Premier Members Credit Union in Boulder, CO since 2014. Prior to leading operations at PMCU, Mr. Rarden worked with Fortune 100 company IBM and Fortune 500 companies Convergys and Wells Fargo. He also has extensive experience serving on Premier Members Credit Union’s Board of Directors.

New Mexico was a draw for Mr. Rarden, whose home state of Colorado has a lot in common with its southern neighbor. But there are key differences that presented an allure for Kirtland FCU’s new leader.

“Albuquerque’s culture, history and art has always intrigued me and I’m anxious to explore all that New Mexico has to offer,” he said. “Oh, and did I mention the food!?”

Mr. Rarden is most excited about working with Kirtland FCU’s great staff and getting to know the team to be able to build on the credit union’s more than 60-year legacy of serving members and serving the Kirtland AFB and Albuquerque communities.

“The credit union philosophy of people helping people is alive and well here at Kirtland FCU, and we want to expand that to everyone in the communities we serve and are a part of,” said Matt Rarden.

Mr. Rarden has four children whom he loves spending time with. He’s also a pilot and looks forward to exploring that passion in the blue skies over New Mexico.

Banking News

Grabbing your weekly groceries, filling up with gas, and weekend shopping—with increasing numbers of retailers accepting digital wallet payments, pulling out a physical card may quickly become a thing of the past.

Digital payments are convenient, valuable, and, best of all, very safe! With some simple setup, you may never want to carry your wallet into a store again.

What’s in a digital wallet?

A digital wallet is simply a payment-enabled service, located on a smart device, in which you can store your debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, and membership cards. You can use these services for online and in-app transactions and to send money to others (Person-To-Person services). Digital wallets also allow you to pay at a retailer by placing the device next to the reader to complete the transaction instead of physically swiping or inserting the card to pay. 

There are three major digital wallet services that you likely have access to via your smart devices: Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. The three options are similar but do have a few differences in how they work and what you can do with them.

First, there are a couple of buzz terms you’ll need to know to fully understand how the technology works.
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short-range method of communication that allows the mobile device to send payment information to a service terminal. All three wallets use NFC.
  • Magnetic Secure Transmission allows a mobile device to mimic the stripe on a traditional payment card. Instead of placing the device near the reader, you slide the phone along with outside of the reader where the you’d traditionally slide a card. The only digital wallet that supports MST payment is Samsung Pay.
To get started with any of the digital wallets, you’ll need to add your cards to your device. The method varies, but you can select your wallet below for detailed instructions on setup. Once you’ve added a card to your wallet, you can use the wallet to make online payments, send money to a friend, or pay at a retailer that accepts digital transactions.

You’ll know a retailer takes digital payments when you see the NFC symbol.  Also, if you see the logo for your wallet—Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.—the payment system is also set up to work with that wallet.

Is it safe to pay with digital wallets?

Digital wallets offer unparalleled levels of convenience, in both your online and in-person shopping experiences. But using digital wallet options to pay is also incredibly safe—in fact, it’s safer to pay with a digital wallet than swiping a traditional card.

When we think of card safety, there are three levels of a sort in terms of security.
  • Level 1 – The Swipe - This is the least secure form of your card payment options. When you swipe a card, all the card information is read from the magnetic stripe on your card and transferred to the merchant directly. No encryption takes place.
  • Level 2 – The Chip - The little chip embedded in your debit and credit card represents a big leap forward in terms of security. During the transfer of information to a merchant, that little chip allows the information to be encrypted during transfer. Most cards issued now include this feature, but not all do.
  • Level 3 – Digital Payments - Using your digital wallet to pay is about the safest options you could choose. The first layer of security is your device security. Your device needs a passcode, fingerprint, or face identification to unlock. And after you do select to pay with your wallet, not only is your information encrypted, it’s not actually transferred at all! Instead, a unique identifier is transferred from your device to the merchant. When the transaction reaches your credit union or financial institution, it’s decrypted, and the unique identifier is used to retrieve your actual card information. Should the transaction be compromised in some way, only that unique identifier is revealed, which doesn’t do a thief much good on its own. The thief would need the identifier AND your device—and be able to unlock your device—to make it work.
Digital payments are not only convenient; they’re incredible safe. Many apps connect with your digital wallet. Grubhub, for instance, allows Apple Pay as a payment option. Simply select Apple Pay during checkout, follow the directions to confirm your choice, and you’re done! More and more retailers, online and physical, are accepting digital payments. Look for the NFC symbol, and start paying without ever pulling out your card.

Need help loading your Kirtland FCU Independence VISA debit or credit card to your digital wallet? Give us a call at 1-800-880-5328.


The long-awaited Coors Pavilion Branch, the second Kirtland FCU location on Albuquerque’s westside, is finally open for business.

“It’s 1,112 square-feet of pure awesome!” says Sarah Horten, Kirtland FCU Chief Retail and Lending Officer.

Kirtland Federal Credit Union’s newest branch—and the first on the westside in more than 15 years—is now open in the Coors Pavilion at the northwest corner of Coors Blvd. and St. Josephs Drive.

This modern, full-service branch brings Kirtland FCU’s banking and loan services right where our members need them—on the growing westside of Albuquerque! The branch is located at 4101 Coors Blvd. NW, Suite B, right next to Starbucks and across the street from St. Pius High School.

“This is our second micro-branch,” said Tom Shoemaker, President and CEO of Kirtland FCU. “It’s an intimate space that our members are going to love. We put our efforts not into building a gigantic space but into providing a better, more personalized experience for every member.”

Don’t let the size fool you; this new location is a full-service branch. You can do it all—open an account, apply for a loan, make deposits and withdrawals, investment services and get help with all of your account needs—six days a week.

This newest addition to the Kirtland FCU branch family is also be the first to be 100% coinless. That’s right, no dropping coins on your way out the door! This feature creates a whole lot of space for a better member experience, but it does mean that you cannot deposit or withdraw coin at this new branch. Need to cash a check with cents? You’ll have two options.
  1. SAVE THE CHANGE! Just add the extra cents to your checking or savings account. You’ll have saved for an extra coffee next door in no time at all!
  2. ROUND UP! Take a few extra cents from your checking or savings account to make your withdrawal a whole dollar amount.
The Coors Pavilion branch features updated décor, the latest in banking technology, and an easy and enjoyable experience for members. 

Coors Pavilion Hours:
  • Monday-Thursday: 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
  • Friday: 9:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m.
  • Saturday: 9:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m.


In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, all of Kirtland FCU’s branches closed their doors for the safety of our members and our employees. As numbers trend downward, we’ve made the decision to reopen all of our branches with some new protocols in place to ensure everyone banks safely—and this includes the brand-new Coors Pavilion location.
  • Wait outside. You’ll be asked to wait outside the branch until admitted by an employee.
  • Wear your mask. Per state mandates, you need to wear a mask while in the branch. You will be asked to momentarily lower your mask for identification before your transaction begins.
  • Follow directional signs. We’ve set up a particular flow in our branches to encourage social distancing. Watch for the signs on the floor. 
In addition to these measures, staff members will also be sanitizing all surfaces frequently and between each member transaction. If aren’t comfortable wearing a mask or following these protocols, we’re happy to serve you in the drive-thru (our West Alameda branch offers westside drive-thru service), over the phone at 1-800-880-5328 (Call Center Hours), or online with Online and Mobile Banking. 

Read all the latest about Kirtland FCU’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.


Kirtland FCU welcomes members from all over Albuquerque! There are more than 200 ways to qualify for membership at Kirtland FCU. Stop by any branch to find yours or visit KirtlandFCU.org/Join to get started! 

We can’t wait to see you at Coors Pavilion!
Coors Pavilion not near you? Find another Kirtland FCU branch.



This is no ordinary band of superheroes.
The newly formed Scam Squad, a cooperative of agencies and community partners formed by the Albuquerque Consumer Financial Protection Initiative (CFPI), has a mission to educate the public about the threat of scams and help those who have been targeted by scammers.
CFPI Director Karen Meyers, who joined the City to head consumer protection efforts after stints with President Barack Obama’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the office of New Mexico Attorney General Gary King, said, “Scams can happen to anyone, but knowledge is the best way to avoid losing money or becoming a victim. The Scam Squad will work to improve information on how to avoid scams through cross-agency collaboration, targeted outreach and more effective response to consumers seeking help.”
The Scam Squad recently released tips and tricks to avoid becoming a victim of scams:
  • BEWARE IMPOSTERS Scammers often pretend to be someone you trust, like a government official, a family member, or a company you do business with.
  • DON’T SEND MONEY OR GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION in response to an unexpected request – whether it comes as a text, a phone call or an email.
  • DO AN ONLINE SEARCH. Google a product name or company with words like “review,” “complaint” or “scam”. You can even search for phone numbers to see if other people have reported them as scams.
  • DON’T BELIEVE CALLER-ID. Technology makes it easy for scammers to fake caller ID information, so the name and number you see aren’t always real. If someone calls asking for money or personal information, hang up. If you think the caller might be telling the truth, call back to a number you know is genuine.
  • DON’T PAY UPFRONT FOR A PROMISE. Someone might ask you to pay in advance or send a fee for things like credit and loan offers, prizes or a job. If you do, they will probably take the money and disappear. Hang up. Don’t engage. Con artists want you to make decisions in a hurry. They might even threaten you and play on your fear. Slow down, check out the story, do an online search, talk to someone who might know. Before you give up your money or personal information, talk to someone you trust.
  • CONSIDER HOW YOU PAY FOR SOMETHING. Credit cards are safest. Wiring money through Western Union or MoneyGram is risky because it’s nearly impossible to get your money back. That’s also true for reloadable cards (like MoneyPak or Reloadit) and gift cards (like iTunes or Google Play). Venmo or Zelle is safe ONLY IF YOU KNOW THE PERSON. To be safe, do not use a Debit card with an unknown person or company.
  • HANG UP ON ROBOCALLS. If you answer the phone and hear a recorded sales pitch, hang up. These calls are illegal, and often the products are bogus. Don’t press 1 to speak to a person or to be taken off the list.
  • DON’T TRUST FREE TRIAL OFFERS. Some companies use free trials to sign you up for products and bill you every month until you cancel. Before you agree to a free trial, research the company and read the cancellation policy.
No matter the medium for the scam—phone, text or e-mail—these signs should send up ALL your red flags:
  • Person claims to be from the government and asks for money. 
  • Person asks you to pay upfront to get a prize or gift. 
  • Person asks you to wire money, put money on a prepaid card or gift card and send it to them. 
  • Person asks for access to your money, through ATM, bank accounts. 
  • Person asks you for personal information, like your social security number or bank account number. 
  • Person pressures you to “ACT NOW’ or threatens jail or arrest.
Knowing the signs is one thing. But just how are you supposed to respond? What’s the right thing to do? Let’s look at a couple situations:

The Scam: Your phone rings. The Caller ID says IRS, but you’ve never had dealings with the IRS before.

How To Avoid:
  • Ignore the phone call. The IRS will never call you unprompted (they’re mail people).
  • If you do answer the call, feel free to HANG UP AT ANY TIME if any of the above red flags appear.

The Scam: You check your e-mail and see a new message that appears to be from the Social Security Administration. They’re informing you of an issue with your SSN and tell you to click a link or call a phone number to solve the issue.

How To Avoid:
  • Click on nothing and delete the e-mail! Just like the IRS, the Social Security Administration will never send you an unprompted e-mail. The mention of an urgent issue is a big red flag.
SCAM SQUAD SAYS: Bottom line, if you don’t know the sender or caller, ignore it. If you believe you have been targeted by a scammer, contact the FTC to report the scam.

Need to report a scam? Learn how!


News Home Loans

You dreamed of a home, and so did Kirtland Federal Credit Union’s home loan team.

On the northeast corner of Jefferson and Osuna, a transformation has been underway in expectation of Kirtland Federal Credit Union’s new Home Loan Center. This centrally-located office now houses all of Kirtland FCU’s mortgage and home loan services under one roof for the first time in their 60-year history.

Mortgages? Check. Home equity services? Check. Education and learning opportunities. Check, check! If it’s home-related, it’s happening here at the Kirtland Federal Credit Union Home Loan Center, which proudly opened its doors on May 1, 2019.

Thinking of buying your first home? Exploring a home equity loan or line of credit? Come see the local experts at the Home Loan Center!

“Masters of mortgages. Heroes of homebuying.”

Kirtland FCU is Albuquerque’s home loan leader. Every step of the process is done locally, right here in Albuquerque. And after you get the keys and unpack the boxes, all your payments are made right here, too. You’ll never send a check out of state.
Even if you’ve already talked with someone else, apply and see how Kirtland FCU compares.
Great rates. No hidden fees. Local payments and services.
Let’s get moving!

Kirtland Federal Credit Union – Home Loan Center

Monday–Friday 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Saturday 9:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m.

6700 Jefferson NE
Suite D-1
Albuquerque, NM 87109

Apply today at

An equal housing lender. Financing available for properties in New Mexico only. All loans are subject to approval. Membership eligibility required. See a representative for complete details.