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Ashleigh, K-Staff
When social distancing measures were first put into place last month, we immediately began making changes to keep our employees and members safe without causing any interruption in services. So when Governor Lujan-Grisham ordered further restrictions, we were well on our way to ensuring we maintained our commitment to serving our members in a safe environment for all.
All across the credit union, we took measures to ensure social distancing—employees are either working from home, on rotating schedules to reduce in-person contact, or have moved to more remote areas to safely complete their tasks.
We’re committed to keeping our staff and our members safe. We’re also dedicated to making sure our members have the same access to their accounts and their money as they have always had, and with the service they deserve. Our staffing levels have decreased, but our level of service has not. We’re still here for our members, whether through our many online and mobile banking channels or in-person via phone or drive-thru.
Safety is our priority. Service is our commitment. We may be spread out, but we’ve never been closer together. Our members can count on Kirtland FCU.

Learn more about what Kirtland FCU is doing in response to the COVID-19 threat.
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