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Layers of Identity Fraud Protection

The Security Team

Identity fraud. It’s the intangible crime that strikes at the heart of your financial well-being, and it’s happening at record levels.

Javelin Strategy & Research began tracking identity fraud in 2003, and the results of their 2016 study found that despite the efforts of the industry, fraudsters successfully adapted to net two million more victims in 2016 with the amount fraudsters took rising by nearly one billion dollars to $16 billion.

What can you do to protect yourself?

Following these smart tips can reduce your likelihood of falling prey to an identity thief. 

Being able to follow your account activity in nearly real-time speed allows you to detect an issue early so you can take action to limit losses. Check your accounts often for cleared transactions, pending transactions, scheduled transfers, and any unusual account activity. 

Text and e-mail alerts are available through the Kirtland FCU Online and Mobile banking systems. Be sure to turn them on to receive alerts in response to a variety of triggers including unusual account activity and low balances. 

You use a password to access your account online; set one for your phone interactions with Kirtland FCU, too! A code word adds an extra layer of security for your accounts. Should your personal information fall into the wrong hands and a thief attempt to use it to gain access to your Kirtland FCU account, they’ll be unable to without your personal code word. Anyone calling to do business on your account OR as a signer on your account will be asked for the code word before any information is discussed over the phone. So, the only people with access to your money are you and your cosigners!

Enroll in e-Statements through Online Banking to reduce the amount of paper you receive—and the amount of information that could potentially fall into the wrong hands. Thieves still find your information the old-fashioned way: by stealing statements and other sensitive documents right out of your trash or mailbox. With e-Statements, your account summaries arrive securely in your Online and Mobile Banking account, safely away from dumpster-diving thieves.

Kirtland FCU is committed to safeguarding your personal and financial information through advanced security techniques and monitoring, in addition to offering the account services mentioned earlier. 
What else can you do? What if a thief strikes anyway? 

Purchase ID Theft Protection

Kirtland FCU partners with Identity Fraud, Inc. to offer a comprehensive suite of protection products that help minimize your risk of becoming a victim of identity theft. Services can include:
  • SSN Monitoring – to catch thieves using your social security number
  • Credit Monitoring – to identify unusual activity so you can take action
  • Credit Card Monitoring – scours chat rooms and online activity for your credit card information to identify potential fraud
  • DataSweep Monitoring – to identify your personal information online and alert you
  • Identity Insurance – should the worst happen, you’ll be covered
  • Lost Wallet Services - a 24/7 support team that helps you act quickly to limit your losses, maintain your good credit, and replace your lost or stolen cards
  • Keystroke Encryption Software - helps protect your identity by encrypting your keystrokes and hiding them from hackers, malware and key loggers intent on stealing your sensitive credentials while using the internet.
  • 24/7 Unlimited Resolution & Prevention Assistance - VRS Elite staff ready to assist you with fraud resolution, no matter what type or how you experience identity theft.
Cover yourself with these protective services, and more, for less than $3 a month.

Explore and sign up for Identity Fraud, Inc. coverage!
Identity Theft Protection insurance and programs are made available through the Identity Fraud, Inc. Contracts for insurance are agreements between you and Identity Fraud, Inc. The insurance offered is not a deposit, and is not federally insured, sold or guaranteed by Kirtland FCU. Kirtland FCU enables this insurance program to be offered to its members.
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