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Explore the answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions. If the answer to your question isn’t here, contact us—we’ll get your question answered so you can get back to what’s important.
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Most Frequently Asked Questions

They say there’s no such thing as an original problem—which means there’s probably an answer waiting for you.

You may find current rates by clicking Rates at the very top of any page.

Online Banking
Money Management is a free budgeting and financial management tool available through Online and Mobile Banking. Build budgets, view all your accounts (including accounts outside Kirtland FCU) in one place, view detailed spending history, and spot patterns. To set up your Money Management log-in, click the Manage Money tab in your Online Banking account, and follow set-up instructions.


Credit Card Mobile Banking
Your credit card account appears on the home screen of your Mobile Banking App. Simply tap to view transaction history and other information.

Credit Card Online Banking
Your basic credit card information, including balance and transactional history, are available from your home page in Online Banking. To view statements and other information, log into Online Banking, click the Additional Services tab, and then click Credit Card Detail.

Courtesy Pay and Overdraft Protection are different layers of security to protect you from the merchant fees associated with returned checks.

When a check clears from your account without the funds to cover the entirety of the check, Overdraft Protection will cover you if certain criteria are met. You must have a secondary account (such as a savings account) with funds available for transfer. Kirtland FCU will automatically transfer the needed funds to cover the check, avoiding both merchant fees and Kirtland FCU’s NSF fees.

If you do not have a secondary account with funds available, you may still be covered by Courtesy Pay. Kirtland FCU will clear the check to the merchant, creating a negative balance in your account but avoiding merchant fees for a returned check. The charge for Courtesy Pay is a NSF fee of $30 per transaction. We will pay checks that are negative up to $500, including the assessed NSF fee. You then have 30 days to bring your account current.

Telephone Banking
Easy! To access the 24-hour TellerPhone system, dial 1-800-880-8277. Have your account number and PIN ready, and follow prompts to complete your tasks. It’s convenient and ready when you are.

Text Banking
Log in to Online Banking, click on Additional Services, choose Mobile Banking & Alerts, and Text Message Banking will be available in the right column.

Text Banking
  • bal - Check the balance in your primary account. (Designate an account as ‘primary’ through Online Banking)
  • bal all -  Check all account balances
  • bal chk - Check checking account balances
  • bal sav - Check savings account balances
  • last - Get the last five transactions on your primary account
  • trans - Transfer funds from a designated account to your designated primary account. Enter the transfer amount following the command with no spaces or special characters. Ex: TRANS200
  • stop - Deactivate text message banking service
  • help - Get Text message with a list of text message banking commands

Mobile Banking Online Banking Security/Fraud
If your mobile device is lost or stolen, log in to Online Banking as soon as possible and change your password as a precaution. You may also contact your service provider—often, they are able to deactivate or wipe the data from your lost/stolen phone.