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Most Frequently Asked Questions

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Online Banking
Money Management is a free budgeting and financial management tool available through Online and Mobile Banking. Build budgets, view all your accounts (including accounts outside Kirtland FCU) in one place, view detailed spending history, and spot patterns. To set up your Money Management log-in, click the Manage Money tab in your Online Banking account, and follow set-up instructions.


Credit Card Online Banking
Your basic credit card information, including balance and transactional history, are available from your home page in Online Banking. To view statements and other information, log into Online Banking, click the Additional Services tab, and then click Credit Card Detail.

Mobile Banking Online Banking Security/Fraud
If your mobile device is lost or stolen, log in to Online Banking as soon as possible and change your password as a precaution. You may also contact your service provider—often, they are able to deactivate or wipe the data from your lost/stolen phone.

Online Banking Security/Fraud
Cookies allow us to recognize particular devices you use to browse and log in to Online Banking, making the process of logging in easier and safer. To enable cookies, open your browser settings and look for cookie settings. If you're having trouble, give us a call at 1-800-880-5328.

Credit Card Online Banking
Log in to Online Banking and select the tab Additional Services, click Credit Card Detail, then select Make A Payment.

Online Banking
Yes. Use the fields in the upper right of your Online Banking home page. Use External Transfers if you have bank account information for the recipient. If not, you can pay anyone with just an e-mail address using PopMoney. These handy transfers are $2 for a 3-day transfer or $4 for a next-day transfer.

Online Banking
Log in to Online Banking and select the tab Move Money and click Schedule a Transfer. Follow the on-screen prompts to schedule the transfer and check the box to indicate a recurring transfer.

Online Banking
We’ve all forgotten a username or password. Follow the appropriate links underneath the login box to recover a username or reset your password. If you haven’t registered for Online Banking, give us a call to get started at 1-800-880-5328.

Online Banking
The Online Banking PIN is a single-use password issued only to first-time users of Online Banking. Once you’ve used an Online Banking PIN to activate your account, the PIN becomes null and void. You will be prompted to set a new password that will be required for future logins. For assistance with this process, call 1-800-880-5328.