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Most Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between Courtesy Pay and Overdraft Protection?

Courtesy Pay and Overdraft Protection are different layers of security to protect you from the merchant fees associated with returned checks.

When a check clears from your account without the funds to cover the entirety of the check, Overdraft Protection will cover you if certain criteria are met. You must have a secondary account (such as a savings account) with funds available for transfer. Kirtland FCU will automatically transfer the needed funds to cover the check, avoiding both merchant fees and Kirtland FCU’s NSF fees.

If you do not have a secondary account with funds available, you may still be covered by Courtesy Pay. Kirtland FCU will clear the check to the merchant, creating a negative balance in your account but avoiding merchant fees for a returned check. The charge for Courtesy Pay is a NSF fee of $30 per transaction. We will pay checks that are negative up to $500, including the assessed NSF fee. You then have 30 days to bring your account current.
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