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IMPORTANT INFO IF YOU HAVE AN ANDROID SMARTPHONE (Like a Samsung or LG or Droid as examples)

You may be hearing about the Stagefright vulnerability in the news. Stagefright is vulnerable to a remote code execution bug, allowing hackers to potentially infiltrate devices and access private information by sending a SMS message with a video in it.

As Stagefright is specific to Android devices using operating system 2.2 or higher; it is not a vulnerability in KFCU’s online banking system.

If you use an Android device, as a security best practice, it is recommend that you temporarily disable Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). Disabling MMS will prevent media files from being sent to a device. Text messages and hyperlinks should continue normally. A description of the steps necessary for disabling MMS is available at:

If you have questions about availability of a patch for your specific device or disabling MMS, you should contact your carrier.

FBI Fraud Alert Poster

If you can answer "Yes" to any of these questions, you could be involved in a fraud or about to be scammed! Don't get ripped off - tell an employee at your local KFCU branch about any potential fraudulent activity that may be occurring to you.

Read the FBI Fraud Alert Poster and stay safe from potential fraud.

FBI Fraud Alert Poster

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