Text Banking

Text message banking allows you to use your mobile device’s text messaging function to check your checking or savings account balance (or all of your account balances, if you choose), to view the last five transactions on your primary account - or even to transfer funds to your primary account.

To use KFCU Online Text Banking, you will need to register your mobile phone with KFCU Online Banking. Log in to KFCU Online and click on the Additional Services tab, then on Alerts/Text Message Banking. Follow the instructions provided, and you'll be able to use KFCU Online Text Banking.

Once you've registered, text any of these commands to 454545:

  • bal - Check the balance on your primary account.
  • bal all - Check the balance on all of your KFCU accounts.
  • last - View the last five (5) transactions on your primary account.
  • bal chk - Check the balance on your checking account.
  • bal sav - Check the balance on your savings account.
  • trans - Transfer funds to your primary account. (Note: This must be set up within KFCU Online Banking.)
  • help - Receive help on all Text Banking keywords.
  • stop - Deactivate your mobile device from KFCU Online Text Message Banking.

If you need a reminder of our available Text Banking commands, but aren't near a computer, print this convenient wallet card and carry it with you - you'll always know what number to dial and what commands to use!

KFCU does not charge a fee to use text message banking; however, your mobile device carrier’s standard text messaging rates may apply.

Transactions are fully encrypted. Text message banking contains no sensitive information, only balance information. KFCU will not send specific account information through Text Messaging. The Credit Union will never ask for specific account information via text. The Credit Union will not initiate text message transactions with our members.

If you have more questions, please refer to our Text Banking FAQ page.

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