Online External Transfers and PopMoney

Do you have accounts in more than one financial institution?

You have the flexibility to transfer money between your Kirtland FCU accounts and accounts you hold with other financial institutions through KFCU Online Banking, using Online External Transfers. It's the quick and simple way to move money between your own accounts.

  • Eliminates the need to visit branches or write checks
  • Controls your money from one dashboard - fast, secure and easy
  • Schedules automatic and recurring transfers to another financial institution
  • Low cost of $2.00 per transaction - more economical than a wire transfer fee
  • *Next-Day Send Daily Limit: $1,000 each; 30-day Rolling Limit: $2,000
  • Standard (3-day) Send Daily Limit: $5,000 each; 30-day Rolling Limit: $10,000

Need to pay someone money?

You can use our new personal payment service within KFCU Online Banking to avoid the hassle of carrying cash or writing checks. Simply use an email address or cell phone number to send money to people you know. PopMoney* (Pay Other People) allows you to do those functions using email or text, providing they have a United States bank account. It's the quick, simple and secure way to move money from your account to theirs - with no need to exchange account numbers!

  • Pay rent to your landlord
  • Cover shared expenses, like family-plan phone bills
  • Send the gift that always fits - money!
  • Give an allowance or send money to a family member
  • Pay for child care or lawn care
  • Low $2.00 fee for 3-day transaction; $4.00 fee for next-day transaction
  • Payments Daily Limit: $1,000 each; 30-day Rolling Limit: $2,000

Let technology put more power and freedom in your hands. Sign up for KFCU Online Banking today and register for Online External Transfers and PopMoney.

* Fees, limits, and restrictions may apply.

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