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Purchase Rewards offers discounts at over 2,000 participating business locally and nationwide. These free offers appear automatically on your KFCU Online Banking home page - just use your Kirtland FCU debit card normally, and the more you use it, the more Purchase Rewards offers you get. Discounts will be from businesses that you already shop with, or their competitors, so they'll always be something you can use. If you can tap on your smartphone or click an icon on your home computer, you can use Purchase Rewards.

Where can I access Purchase Rewards?

Access Purchase Rewards within KFCU Online Banking, either through the Purchase Rewards widget on the KFCU Online front page, or within your Account History for the suffix where Purchase Rewards is available.

If you access KFCU Online Banking through our iPhone or Android mobile apps, Purchase Rewards is also available there through the "Earn Cash Back" button in the Home menu.

How does Purchase Rewards work?

To activate an offer, click on the offer found in the widget on your Online Banking home page or within your KFCU Online mobile app.

Follow the instructions listed for each offer - use your debit card associated with the account that received the offer, and spend the minimum amount at the correct merchant within the offer's time limit - and you'll redeem the reward. Rewards earned can be seen in the Rewards Earned tab of the Purchase Rewards widget within 7-10 days after you've made a purchase with the offer.

Rewards are credited to your account at the end of the next month. (For example, if you redeem an offer in March, you'll receive the reward in your account at the end of April.)

I have other questions about Purchase Rewards - can you help?

Yes! We have developed a set of Frequently Asked Questions about Purchase Rewards for anyone who has more specific questions about this product. If our FAQ doesn't answer your question, contact us by calling (505) 254-4369 or toll-free at (800) 880-5328 and a KFCU representative will be happy to assist you.

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