Main Share Savings Account

Our Main Share Savings account is a basic savings account, and is required for membership at Kirtland Federal Credit Union. All you need is $25.00 to start, and you'll have access to all of our financial products and services.

Funds Availability Disclosure

Dividends Paid

Compounded and paid monthly on the average daily balance. Posted on the 1st of the month.

  • $25.00 - $999.99 (Tier 1 Rate)
  • $1,000 + (Tier 2 Rate)

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Account Benefits

  • Free CU Anytime® or CO-OP Network ATM transactions1
  • Direct Deposit available
  • Automatic Transfers available
  • Easy access via ATM, US mail, TellerPhone, In-Person and KFCU Online
  • Account may be used as collateral for a KFCU loan

Monthly Service Fee


Balance Requirement


Eligible for an IRA?


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Access where, when, and how you like

  • Free, secure access to KFCU Online
  • More than 50,000 ATMs worldwide
  • Four convenient branch locations in Albuquerque
  • CU Always telephone access 24/7

1. KFCU will not charge a fee for non-network ATM usage. However, fees may be charged by the ATM operator or any associated ATM network when using a non-CU Anytime/CO-OP Network ATM for transactions, including but not limited to withdrawals, transfers, and/or balance inquiries.

2. No monthly service charge on the account itself, and all other individual product fees apply.
Reg. D limits Electronic or Telephone Transfers to 6 to a third party per calendar month. Does not include Deposits/Withdrawals made in person or via ATM, or preauthorized Loan Payments to KFCU.

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