TellerPhone is KFCU's automated telephone banking system, open 24 hours a day, where you can check balances and histories on accounts and loans, perform transfers and stop payments, or transfer to our helpful telephone service representatives.

How to Use TellerPhone

To access TellerPhone, call (505) 254-4367 or toll-free (800) 880-8277. For Spanish-language services, press 2; for English-language services, remain on the line.

You'll enter in your account number and a unique PIN to access your accounts. Your member number is the same as your "basic" account number. When prompted, enter your account number and wait for the prompt to enter your PIN. You no longer need to press the pound (#) key after your account number or your PIN when accessing your accounts with TellerPhone.

The following hotkeys are available any time during your TellerPhone session:

* Return to the previous menu
# Repeat menu options
0 Transfer to Phone Center representative
1* Help (lists hotkey options)
3* Go to main menu
5* Cancel
7* End call
9* Review a different account number

All amounts entered require a decimal point, using the star (*) key. For example, enter 25*00 for twenty-five dollars ($25).

Main Menu Options

To view the entire list of options in TellerPhone, read our TellerPhone help pamphlet here or pick one up at your local KFCU branch.

1 Account Balance
This option provides the current balance and available balance (minus any holds) on any account you own.
2 Account History
You can search for deposits and withdrawals by check number, amount, ATM transactions, date, or you can listen to previous transactions.
3 Transfer Funds or Make a Payment

This option allows you to move funds from within your own accounts and/or from one account to another, and can be used with all account types. You can make a one-time transfer, or set up a monthly transfer which will occur each month on a date you select.

4 Other Account Activities

In Other Activities, you can place a stop payment on a single check or a range of checks, and you can change your TellerPhone PIN.

To return to the main menu any time during your TellerPhone session, press 3* on your keypad.

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