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Financial Independence Is

taking control

Manage your financial world with a 360-degree view and the intuitive tools inside Money Management.

Money Management

Take control of your money and your finances with the powerful tools in new Money Management.

Set Budgets

Set a budget or let Money Management create one for you based on your spending history.

View Accounts

View your Kirtland FCU accounts and your other financial, investment, and retirement accounts side-by-side.

Manage Spending

See and track your spending like never before with crisp, beautiful charts and analyzation tools.

It’s Free

Every aspect of Money Management is completely free and accessible through Online and Mobile Banking, on any device.

Money Management Overview

Simplify and streamline how you manage your finances, all within your Online Banking account.

A Modern Budgeting Solution

Go beyond the numbers with intuitive auto-budgeting that makes it easy to spot patterns, set smart goals, and stay on track.

Multi-Sourced Account Aggregation

Consistently see all your accounts in one place. Enjoy a single view of your Kirtland FCU accounts alongside your mortgage and investment accounts.

Modern, Intuitive Analyzation

Monitor your financial health at-a-glance with colorful, easy-to-read chart and graphs that help you visualize trends and progress.

Cross-Platform Experience

Control your finances, where and how you want on any device or platform—tablet, desktop and or smartphone.

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What is Money Management?

Simply put, Money Management is mission control for your budgeting and finance needs. View all your accounts across a variety of institutions with one simple log-in to Online Banking and set budgets and goals with a 360-degree view of your financial health.


Enjoy a single view of your Kirtland FCU and other external accounts. Name your accounts and choose the account type and purpose (business or personal). You can also add details including interest rate, credit limit, and original balance. You can also manage alerts, exclude accounts, mark an account as duplicate, and see the historical balance.


Money Management gives you a 360-degree view of all transactions from your internal and external accounts. Filter the view by account or date, as well as search for any keyword or amount. All of your tax deductible transactions can also be marked throughout the year, and then filtered for easy access while filing taxes. You can even add manual transactions and export your data.


Get an easy-to-read visualization of spending categories over a customizable date range. See all your income sources, including subcategories and transactions, with engaging graphics and charts.


See at a glance where your money is going every month! Create custom budget categories, change the amount of money allocated to the monthly budget, view historical monthly budgets, and change the projected income amount. Choose modern bubble-type illustrations or traditional bars.


Intuitive tracking helps you identify trends, so you can monitor your progress and stay on track for your goals. See your spending over time, divided into categories and drill into subcategory views and transaction details. You can also track income over a choice of date ranges.


Form a plan to manage debt, quickly and easily. This tool allows you to manage a debt plan using information from all the accounts you owe. View balances, rates, minimum payment and other payment information. You can even project your debt payoff dates and prioritize the payoff of certain debts.

Net Worth

Get the big picture in full color with a visualization of your net worth over time. You can drill into each month and see how certain transactions affect your overall net worth and sort the information over a period of three months up to 12 months.


Set your goals within Money Management and manage and visualize those goals on a timeline. Define your goal, name it, and associate it with an internal or external account. Change the amount and priority of each goal, as well as the total amount available overall. It’s easy to track your progress.

Cash Flow

A unique way to look ahead, this feature identifies recurring deposits and payments to show spending trends in a clear, simplified view. See the impact of additional recurring payments and take action by planning for future expenses.


Take advantage of Money Management’s notification system to take care of an issue before it becomes an expensive problem. You can elect to receive text and/or e-mail messages for a variety of account activities including:
Exceeded Budgets
Debt Payment Reminder
Low Account Balance
Large Deposit
Large Expense/Withdrawal
Fee Charged

Set your alert thresholds on a per-account and a per-alert basis.


Having an issue with Money Management? Support is available right within the system. A Money Management expert will quickly respond to help you solve the problem.
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